For nearly 3 years now, we have gathered every Tuesday at the Rustic Hut in Florence for Blaze Night. Each week we feast on chicken wings and cheap beer. Some like their chicken wings with BBQ sauce or just garlic parmesan. While others like their wings as hot as we can make them. The notorious BLAZE WING CHALLENGE consists of a sauce made from the hottest pepper on the planet. The Carolina Reaper pepper can reach a heat level index of 1.9 million scoville units. That is 300 times hotter than a jalapeno.

Each Tuesday night we usually find a couple brave souls that are willing to chow down on 8 of the hottest wings in the Bitterroot, in less than 3 minutes. Are you brave enough to take on the dreaded REAPER??

Chef Gordan Ramsay recently was the special guest for the season premiere of YouTube's "Hot Ones." The show is simple. Interview a celebrity guest, while forcing them to sample some of the hottest sauces on the planet. The results are hilarious. See for yourself if Chef Ramsay can handle the heat.

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