Montana Governor Steve Bullock declared a state of emergency in the state because of the threat of COVID-19. There are no confirmed COVID-19 cases in Montana, but the order brings the state to a high alert level. It mobilizes all state resources including emergency funds and National Guard help.

Bullock said, "Now is the time to plan, not to panic. Our state has been preparing for coronavirus to come to Montana and we will be prepared to respond all along the way. Just like we do when any challenging situation hits our communities, we stick together to make sure that we mitigate the impact, that we have an appropriate response, and that we slow the spread."

The Governor's Task Force, under the direction of Adjutant General Matthew Quinn, has set up an informational phone line 1-888-333-0461 and an email for questions to:

A website dedicated to all corona virus information is and the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services has health information at which is updated regularly.

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