Imagine yourself being pulled up onstage to play alongside your favorite band in front of a screaming crowd of thousands. Do you think you'd freeze up, or embrace the spotlight with the performance of your dreams?

On Oct. 23 at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago, one lucky Green Day fan had the opportunity to answer that question in real life. As the Huffington Post reports — and as you can watch in the fan-shot video embedded above — frontman Billie Joe Armstrong surveyed the crowd at the show, spotted an audience member holding a sign saying he could play every single song on the band's breakthrough Dookie LP, and decided to put that claim to the test.

That fan, named Thomas Bulvan, passed with flying colors. The Post's report applauds his prowling stage presence, saying he "seemed to be living the best day of his best life" — an impression confirmed by Bulvan's Instagram account, which includes a post summing up the evening in suitably breathless fashion.

"He asked me 'Do you really know all of them' and I said yes!" wrote Bulvan of his first exchange with Armstrong. "And so he said 'Get up on stage.' I got to hug that tiny man and he handed me his first guitar he ever owned since he was little, named 'Blue,' and asked me if I could play 'When I Come Around' and I said yes again. From then on it was history, I'm sure you all saw the videos, I lived my dream, I got to play with the band that means absolutely everything to me!! I dont think anything will ever beat that moment and I'm still in disbelief!"

Check out a picture of Bulvan on stage with Green Day below, and visit their official website for a list of upcoming tour dates/potential opportunities to jam with the band.

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