With Ordinary World, a film starring Billie Joe Armstrong, set to be released tomorrow (Oct. 14), his band have considered it a perfect opportunity to give us its theme song. You can watch the lyric video to Green Day's "Ordinary World" above.

Although it's credited to Green Day and appears on their new record Revolution Radio, it's actually just Armstrong with an acoustic guitar, with a few accents. Its lyrics reflect the narrator's aspirations of greatness, only to realize the simpler joys of domesticity. “What would you wish if you saw a shooting star / In an ordinary world / I'd walk to the end of the Earth and afar / In an ordinary world / Baby, I don’t have much / But what we have is more than enough / Ordinary world.”

Armstrong could be reflecting the thoughts of his character, Perry, a former punk rocker who has settled down for a suburban life with an attorney wife, daughter and a day job at his family's hardware store. On his 40th birthday, his brother convinces him to throw a party in an expensive New York hotel. He reconnects with his bandmates and an ex-girlfriend, who offers him a chance for a comeback. In addition to Armstrong, the movie stars Selma Blair, Chris Messina, Fred Armisen and Judy Greer.

This is the fourth song Green Day have delivered from Revolution Radio. Previously, they've given us "Bang Bang," "Revolution Radio" and "Still Breathing." If you were unable to get tickets for their recent club tour, you have a second chance to see them. In March 2017, they will embark on a month-long series of dates in arenas across North America. You can find the complete schedule here.

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