Searching for elk isn't easy. Hunters spend days on end scanning the treelines and brush for a glimpse of brown or tan. Spotting an elk is the first step to bagging an elk. Once spotted, some hunters use calls simulating an elk to try and lure elk out in the open. The only issue is, humans are not the only predators hunting.

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Montana elk hunter was attacked by a grizzly bear while cow calling in the Beaverhead Deerlodge National Forest last week.

The day it happened was Friday, September 14th, when a man and his wife who were hunting off INdian Creek Trail in the Madison Range, and the man began to hit his cow call.

The couple heard a rustling in the brush about 15 yards away from them, and immediately thought it was an approaching bull elk. The rustling ended up being a female grizzly bear staring at him, according to MFWP.

The  grizzly bear jumped on the man and bit him in the arm and head before then backing off and running away. The man survived the mauling.

FWP Authorities say the grizzly was drawn to the hunter because they were both hungry, and bothhunting elk. She had two young cubs with her at the time of the conflict, who she was trying to feed.

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