While most of the nation is currently looking to place tighter restrictions on gun ownership, gun advocates among the Montana Legislature are attempting to do the opposite. The Montana House Judiciary Committee is now considering a package of measures to expand the rights of gun owners in Montana.

The package includes the following provisions:

  • Concealed carry of weapons would be allowed for anyone who would qualify for a permit.
  • Concealed carry would be permitted in places like bars and public buildings, where open carry is already allowed.
  • The use of silencers would be permitted for hunting big game.
  • Montana public college students would be allowed to bring guns to campus.
  • State law enforcement agencies would be barred from enforcing any future federal bans on semi-automatic weapons or high-capacity magazines.
  •  Federal law enforcement agents would need to get permission from local sheriffs before making arrests or issuing warrants.

What do you think, Missoula? Do you think fewer restrictions on concealed weapons would help reduce local crime?