Here’s another story for Guns N’ Roses’ encyclopedia of lore. A few days ago, GN’R were detained while crossing the Canadian border after a gun was found amongst the tour’s convoy.

Axl Rose actually broke the news in front of a stadium full of fans in Toronto. During the July 16 performance, Rose described what had happened the day before. The video above shows Axl in the middle of his story. “‘Oh, yeah, we found a gun,’” Axl says from the perspective of boarder police. “So we weren’t exactly arrested, we were detained.”

Seemingly more jovial these days, Axl actually had some nice words about the officers while describing the encounter. “They were very nice,” Axl continued. “They were very nice. They were very understanding. You know, s— happens. You can forget you had a f—ing gun. It wasn’t my gun.”

Billboard reached out to GN’R for confirmation of the story. “Yes, this indeed happened on Friday, July 15, as they were crossing the border coming from the Philadelphia tour stop on the 14th,” a GN’R rep established. The rep added that the gun did not belong to any member of Guns N’ Roses.

For experts in Guns N’ Roses history, you may recall a similar incident from back in 1988. Axl was arrested whilst crossing the Canadian boarder for possession of a stun gun. According to the singer, he didn’t realize those were illegal up north.

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