We recently had Gus G. in our studio as he wrapped up a short solo run of headlining dates. The shredder is noted for his work as Ozzy Osbourne's guitarist as well as his own band Firewind, among others, and he agreed to lend his talent to Loudwire as he put his own spin on the Game of Thrones theme song!

The theme has been nearly unavoidable since the show's inception in 2011 and has seen a wealth of artists offer their own interpretation of the catchy tune. The original version is a gorgeous string-led piece that lends itself perfectly to the opening sequence as aerial views of the entirety of Westeros take fans on a scenic ride across the show's landscape.

To our surprise, Gus G. was one of the few who has managed to live outside of the mania of Game of Thrones and heard the theme for the first time just minutes before laying down his own version. In world-class fashion, the icon took a few moments to listen to the theme and quickly devised an intriguing piece that starts off calling to mind a ship rocking back and forth on the high seas. An arresting pick slide signals the change in distortion and Gus kicked out the metal!

The savage barbarism of Game of Thrones is a perfect marriage for heavy metal and metalheads. The show is so metal that Mastodon appeared as wildlings in a Season 5 episode and also contributed the song "White Walker" to the Catch the Throne compilation series.

Check out the video above to watch Gus G.'s version of the Game of Thrones theme, and pick up the guitarist's 2015 album, Brand New Revolution, at iTunes.

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