When it comes to spooky places in Montana, the old Deer Lodge Prison takes the cake. Seriously. Now they are offering a Halloween Haunted Night Sleepover. No thanks.

Almost every Montana kid visited the Old Prison in Deer Lodge on a feild trip. I remember like it was yesterday. Even during the day the whole place felt haunted and erie. I'm not claustrophic, but the tour guide even locked us in a cell for a few minutes and I felt the panic set in. No thank you. I'm not much into the "spirit world", but I believe some sort of "energy" is definitely left there from prisonors that have passed on. And now, you have the opportunity to hang out with them on Halloween. Eesh.

The Old Montana Prison complexin Deer Lodge is offering, nay, daring you to spend a night in what could be the most haunted place in Montana.


Throw on your costume (prefebly one that can hide an adult diaper), and get ready for a night or terror in the cell. On Halloween night from 9 pm - 3 am you have the opportunity to tour some of the building off limits to general public, like the "Death Tower" where they will try and contact the souls of Jerry Myles and Lee Smart. This is a legit ghost hunt. They will have a proffessional staff on hand taking paranormal readings as well as video taping the whole 8 hour experience, that you will get a copy of. Snacks and beverages will also be provided.

Even though this actually sounds pretty darn scary, it's also all in good fun. Costumes are encouraged for participants.

There is a limited amount of spots open, and they are filling up fast. To sign up, or for more information for the Old Montana Prison Ghost Hunt visit their event page.

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