Halloween has become one of the most popular days of the year, first with children who get to dress up in costumes and go trick-or-treating, but also with adults who enjoy their own kinds of festivities.

Kira Huck with Safe Kids Missoula has tips for Moms and Dads who will be taking their kids trick-or-treating.

“For kids, you always want to make sure their costumes are reflective,” said Huck. “You might want to use reflective tape or maybe carrying some glow-sticks or flashlights so they can be easily seen as it starts to get dark. If it’s possible, choose face paint over a mask just so it doesn’t limit the child’s ability to see as they’re walking.”

Huck also has safety tips for drivers who will be out and about on Halloween night.

“We want drivers to always be aware, especially at street corners and crossings and just watch out for kids,” she said. “We also recommend that children trick-or-treat with an adult or in groups, and then for kids who are walking to trick-or treat, make sure that they are crossing at the crosswalks and not in the middle of the street.”

Deputy Attorney General Tim Bennion also has important advice, especially for those responsible for children as they trick-or-treat.

“Another tool that is out there that should be used especially at Halloween, but also available year-round is our Sexual and Violent Offender Registry,” said Bennion. “This can show people who might pose a risk in their area. We encourage parents to check that out before kids go trick-or-treating.”

Both Huck and Bennion agree that all candy gathered up by children should be thoroughly inspected by parents before they dig in.

“We encourage adults to check all the candy before the kids consume it,” said Bennion. “Do a quick check and make sure there’s nothing that has been tampered with or not commercially wrapped that you just throw it away,” added Huck.

For those who want safe indoor trick-or-treating, Southgate Mall invites kids to go from store to store from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

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