Monday, April 15 is a day that will live in American history when two bombs exploded near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Hamilton resident Dean Jordan had just finished the race minutes earlier, and was only a block or two away from the explosions.

"We heard a sharp explosion, followed a few seconds later by another sharp explosion," Jordan said. "Everyone was initially stunned and things got kind of quiet. Then police and paramedics began running, sirens began screaming, and it kept up for about two hours. I was sitting next to some people in the medical tent when the explosions went off, but they got booted out because EMT's began bringing people in far more injured than they were. Some of the people I talked to were pretty shaken up and were sobbing and in shock saying, 'I just can't believe this happened.'"

Jordan's finance Adriana was also running in the race, but was several miles away from the finish line when the explosions occurred. They were able to get together after negotiating some of the side streets and then took the train away from the area.

"It's too early to decide if I will run the Boston Marathon next year, even though I'm qualified for it," Jordan said.

Jordan does plan to run in the upcoming Missoula Marathon.

"I think one of my comments on Monday was that I wanted to get back to Montana where this doesn't happen," Jordan said.

Dean Jordan