Hatebreed vocalist Jamey Jasta recently dropped by our studio to talk about the band’s new album, The Concrete Confessional.

The Concrete Confessional is Hatebreed’s seventh studio album and it definitely rips. The record is filled with the band’s signature hardcore aggression but adds some increased dynamics, especially on guitar. We wanted to know what Jamey thought fans would take from The Concrete Confessional not just at first listen, but at the fifth and 10th listens.

We later went into the lyrical concepts with Jamey, asking if police brutality in the news inspired Jasta’s writing. Jasta took that topic for “Us Against Us,” but went into much broader areas like the media and how the classic ‘American Dream’ is diminishing before our eyes. “Everybody can relate to being sold this white picket fence, house and the marriage and the three kids and the dog. That type of situation is harder than ever.”

Jasta also spoke about the subject of addiction and how it relates to The Concrete Confessional. “Having not drank in like 12 years, every day I’ll see a billboard or I’ll see an ad and you go, “Man, that beer looks real good right now, but I know that beer’s gonna lead to 20 beers and 20 shots and then let’s get some party favors, let’s get some pills, let’s go to the strip club, let’s go to the casino — then my life is over.”

Check out our chat with Hatebreed’s Jamey Jasta in the clip above! The Concrete Confessional it out now, so click here to grab a copy!

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