Hardcore legends Hatebreed are set to release their seventh studio album, The Concrete Confessional, on May 13 through Nuclear Blast. The record will contain 13 tracks of the band's signature sound, fusing early hardcore aesthetics with a hardened metal attack that has seen the group become one of the most successful bands in the genre.

The artwork is a literal depiction of the album's title, decorated with the skull and crossed morningstar emblem Hatebreed often utilizes. A winged stone angel sits atop the confessional on the top left of the artwork, juxtaposed by the winged skull figure on the top right. Hands reach out from inside the chamber, gripping the bars and seemingly looking for a way out.

Frontman Jamey Jasta commented on the album cover, stating, "I think da Vinci said it best when he said painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen. Marcelo [Vasco, album artist] was able to capture a feeling that will accompany our musical and lyrical vision and he put together a striking piece that speaks volumes."

Hatebreed will be on tour this spring, kicking off their run with DevilDriver as direct support on May 13 in Cleveland Ohio. Metalcore act Devil You Know will open each night through June 4 where they will be replaced by thrashers Act of Defiance for the remaining dates, running through June 11 in New Haven, Ct. For a full list of dates, head to our 2016 Guide to Rock + Metal Tours.

The Concrete Confessional Track Listing

01. "A.D."
02. "Looking Down the Barrel of Today"
03. "Seven Enemies"
04. "In the Walls"
05. "From Grace We’ve Fallen"
06. "Us Against Us"
07. "Something’s Off"
08. "Remember When"
09. "Slaughtered in Their Dreams"
10. "The Apex Within"
11. "Walking the Knife"
12. "Dissonance"
13. "Serve Your Masters"

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