We couldn’t help but wonder…What would ‘Sex and the City’ look like if all the characters were guys like us?

Until we saw the video below, we hadn’t thought about ‘Sex and the City’ for a while, mostly because it’s been long enough now that every woman we know has seen every episode enough times to have them on permanent DVR in their ladybrains. Recently, though, comedian Jarret Berenstein released an intro for ‘Sex and the City for Dudes’ which he wrote and produced. We think it’s pretty hilarious:

This got us thinking: If ‘SATC’ was a dude show, who would play the four main characters? We brainstormed for a bit before we realized — this show was already been cast in 2009 with a movie called ‘The Hangover.’

The Cast:

Sex and the City for Dudes



Eye color

Entire series/movie revolves around their quest for eternal love

Girl/Boy-Next-Door appeal




Affinity for red dresses

Most sexually-experienced

Complete disinterest in relationships

Tough exterior, incredibly loyal friend





Both portrayed as the sexless, un-bump-able one

The only one who ever eats

The only one who ever dresses like a slob


Sex and the City for Dudes



Preppy, restrained wasps

Tight-lipped smiles

Response to crisis: Shrill, panicked shrieks and loss of ability to blink.

Brief marriages to unsuitable matches (impotent mama’s boy and stripper, respectively)


Regardless of these comparisons, which we think are pretty solid, we’d like to make the following disclaimer to women who might be reading: It is still never okay to ask someone if they are ‘A Carrie or a Samantha.’

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