Summer in Montana is pretty tough to beat. You got beautiful weather, beautiful scenery, and beautiful people. But, depending on how many winters we have, we only get to enjoy summer for a couple of weeks a year. Imagine a Montana summer day lasting all year. That is basically what life is like on the island of Hawaii.

A trio of Hawaiian artists are packing up and hitting the road. They want to trade in their Hawaiin summer, for a proper Montana summer. This is why Pepper has chosen Missoula as one of their stops on their "Kona Town 20th Anniversary Tour."

This album is one of the albums that got me listening to Pepper. It is, dare I say, one of their best. Featuring some of my favorites like "Stormtrooper," "Office," "Stone Love," and who doesn't love "Give It Up?"

According to Logjam Presents

All three members were natives of the Big Island, and together, they made a sound that nodded to their tropical roots while also moving forward into new territory.  Pepper’s diverse music allowed the group to tour the country with a wide variety of bands, including reggae icons (The Wailers), punk bands (Pennywise), reggae-rockers (311, Slightly Stoopid), and hip-hop legends (Snoop Dogg). Meanwhile, the band’s admiration for DIY-minded groups like NOFX inspired Pepper to launch its own label, LAW Records, which gave the trio complete control over its own music. It also allowed the band to sign other acts, which expanded Pepper’s circle even further. 

Tickets are ON SALE NOW

The show is happening on a Saturday night @ The Wilma. Saturday, July 15th.

Hear Pepper play the album "Kona Town" in its entirety.

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