A mansion is being offered for sale in the Montana capital city of Helena. It's priced at over six million dollars. That's even spendy for the California folk, probably.

Real estate in the Big Sky state has become big business, but I don't need to tell you that. The market trends have skyrocketed post-pandemic. For those of us who once thought buying a home in our own state was a dream worth chasing, now that dream seems to be fading fast. However, if you did win the lottery, or for some insane reason have a few million cool bucks sitting around, you should take a look at this Helena mansion.

According to the real estate company representing the sale, Engel & Völkers, the Hauser Mansion in Helena is being offered for sale for the first time on the open market. The mansion was built in 1885 by Samuel Hauser, and since has housed everyone from Governors to Catholic Diocese. Inside you'll find 29 rooms and 9 fireplaces. This place is unreal.

While this property is steeped in Montana history and is absolutely outstanding both inside and in, the price tag comes with a heavy sigh. This is obviously a specially listed property but it comes with a  price tag of $6,180,000.

Here is where it rubs me the wrong way.

Yes, this is going to be an expensive property to purchase, and I don't even want to know about the updated Montana sales tax or monthly mortgage payment. What I do know is this is nearly an impossibility for a Montana local to purchase. If you're so inclined, take a virtual tour of the property. It really is incredible.

Hauser Mansion Montana
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