Missoula County Schools is in the hiring process of filling different administrative positions at several schools across town. Superintendent Mark Thane announced last week that Lisa Hendrix will serve as the Principal of C.S. Porter Middle School in the 2016-17 school year. But one position is still vacant…

"For principal for Hellgate High School to begin on July 1, 2016," Thane said. "We, as was the case with all administrative openings, did post the position for consideration for in-district transfers, and there were no requests for transfers. Given that, on Friday we posted the position as open to the public."

Thane said the job is now open to the public regionally, as well as nationwide, and will remain open until March 25.

"We intend to screen the following week and hopefully interview the week of April 11," Thane said. "We actually will set up a scoring rubric and will score all applications so that we are as objective as possible. Then we'll invite the top candidate from that scoring rubric to come interview and we will do our appropriate background checks and such as that time also."

As of Monday afternoon, Thane said there weren’t any applications submitted.

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