Missoula's Hellgate Rollergirls are in search of a new practice space. They are currently practicing at the former "Play Gr8 Golf" location just north of Boomers at 1010 North Avenue West, but that space has been purchased by a new tenant.

Which leaves these ladies in search of a permanent place to practice, and preferably hold their seasonal bouts. They are currently practicing in an 8,600 square foot space and are looking for a 10,000-14,000 foot space, preferably 14,000 if it is to be where they hold bouts and declare the space their permanent home.

Although they are a non-profit, they do have rent money, they just need a new space. I can't even begin to tell you how tough it is to lay down the track and pick it up after every bout, it's hard work. Let's find these hard working girls a place to call their own.

And I don't mean to leave out the guys! The Z-Birds and officials are rad, so rad in fact, that there is a whole new all male team forming in partnership with the HGRG. Check out their Facebook page if you are interested.

If you have a space in mind for the HGRG to practice, you can reach out to me, I'm angel@963theblaze.com or you can reach the ladies at their website.

Thank you for your continued support and don't forget about the annual Sip It fundraiser event coming up on April 25th!


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