If you've spent any time at Tremper's Shopping Center in Missoula, you've seen the construction. Even if you've just cut through the Tremper's parking lot to get to Russell, you had to notice. Or maybe you followed the transformation taking place as you would pass through the area on your commute down Brooks Street. Construction has been going on for quite a while at the new Kent Plaza - located just to the north of Tremper's Shopping Center in Missoula.

They're getting close to wrapping up construction on the project and pretty soon all ten of the new tenants will be in place. The last time I was checking it out a few months ago, the only businesses that were open were Lookout Throwing Company and Zootown Laundry. And on a side note, if you haven't checked out the new axe throwing space since Lumberjaxe moved from across town and changed their name to Lookout - you have to see the place.....it's pretty awesome!

Some of the businesses are up and running - with the others scheduled to open by the end of summer.  And you know there has to be a brewery! It is Missoula - I'm pretty sure there's a rule that any new shopping plaza must have a brewery! Of course I'm kidding, the more places to pop in and get a tasty beverage, the better.

An article in the Missoulian breaks down what we'll see when every business settles in and opens their doors:

  • Lookout Throwing Company - (NOW OPEN)
  • Zootown Laundry - (NOW OPEN)
  • Waddell & Reed (financial services) - (NOW OPEN)
  • Inspire Physical Therapy & Wellness - (NOW OPEN)
  • The Nail Place
  • Golden Leaf Studios (bath & personal care products)
  • Beatty Eyes (optical practice)
  • Rice Thai Fine Cuisine
  • Oddpitch Brewing Company
  • A construction management firm - not named in article

Are you excited about the new options in town? All shops are expected to be open by the end of summer. Read more about the new Kent Plaza in articles from the Missoulian and Montana Right Now.

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