We all agree that this year has moved along at a snail's pace, right? It's been the longest year EVER! But I did have the opposite feeling when I realized that phase one of the Higgins Avenue Bridge project began six weeks ago. Six weeks? It actually seems like the time has flown by since they started the work on October 5. It's been my goal to stay away - and I haven't actually driven over the bridge since the project started - so I can't pass along any thoughts on how things have been in the early stages of the process that's expected to last until early 2022.

If this is the first time you're hearing about all this bridge work.......first, you need to follow the news a bit more........and second, the project will include widening the bridge deck, roadway and sidewalk improvements, and a new stairway on the westside that leads to Caras Park.

Many of us will get to enjoy a couple extra days off with Thanksgiving next week. I'm not sure if a bridge can celebrate days off - but the word from the Montana Department of Transportation is that the Higgins Avenue Bridge project will also break for Thanksgiving and the Friday after. So if there's a bit more traffic than normal because of the holiday, drivers won't have to worry about crews at work. The work on the bridge will resume on Monday, November 30.

Check out info and updates on the bridge project on here - or ask questions by calling (406) 207-4484.

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