Sometimes when you get an opportunity for a late-night rendezvous, you make a different decision.

We are a few weeks past Valentine's Day, and I see folks in love everywhere I go. Whether they are married, dating, or meeting for the first time, it's beautiful to see.

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Some folks might have a hard time finding love using dating apps or depending on the area they live in.

When you have the opportunity to find love, you either have to take it or go another route. This man went down another lane.

Scrolling through TikTok last night, I came across a man named Graham, who had one of the best Montana Tinder stories ever. In a two-part TikTok, he talked about one of the best Tinder profiles he has ever seen, and this girl didn't disappoint. Check out the video below.

@grahamistearingup Respect to this woman, she’s living her best life. #tourlife #tinder #dating #hinge #bumble #datingapps #wow #wild #tourstory ♬ original sound - Graham

Credit: Grahamistearingup via TikTok This girl is a straight shooter. How do we know that this Tinder story takes place in Montana? In part two of the video, he tells the audience that this Tinder profile is in Billings and chats with the young lady. What happens next is incredible.

@grahamistearingup Replying to @numerolology Would you have done this? #tinder #hinge #dating #datingapps #bumble #tindernightmares #midwesternmama ♬ original sound - Graham

Credit Grahamistearingup via TikTok

Graham has the chance to meet the lady but decides to bail and hang out with his boys. He had a valid reason, the hotel they were staying at had an indoor waterpark.

I am dying of laughter because that is a bro thing to do. Instead of meeting a stranger on Tinder, he decides to make some memories with the boys and enjoy the waterslides at The Reef in Billings.

With all the horror dating stories we've heard in the past, it's nice to see a story that puts a smile on our faces.

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