As the weather gets nicer and the cold disappears, we start to see them reemerge from their peaceful slumber. The winter months might cause them to lie dormant but the time has come to get active once again. I suppose you could read those first two sentences and picture a narrator from the National Geographic channel talking about bears in the Montana winter. But naturally, I'm referring to the return of the food trucks that bring deliciousness to the places and events around Missoula.

It's easy to track food truck activity around town!

Yep, we love our food trucks in Missoula! We love them so much that we track their whereabouts using a social media app so we know exactly where we can find them on a daily basis. Seriously, if you're not following Food Truck Locator on Instagram you need to do what more than 9,500 people have done and tap that button! Every day the app posts a map of where all the food trucks in town will be and they give a breakdown of the business, the location, and the hours.

Home Plate Grill is now open at Fort Missoula

Now that the nicer weather has arrived is supposed to arrive, you might be looking to add a little variety to your lunch options. I saw a post on Facebook that Missoula Parks and Recreation will have Home Plate Grill open for lunch at Fort Missoula during weekdays from 11 AM to 1 PM. I drove by today and saw a food truck positioned by the concession stands where the baseball fields are located off of South Ave. It's a little bit off of the main parking lot so you'll just have to pull in where the fields are and walk to it.

The menu shows they'll have burgers, chicken sandwiches, chicken strips, fries, beverages, and weekly specials. Home Plate Grill will be open all summer until the fall with their Monday-Friday schedule as well as being open for scheduled events at the fields.

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