Cooler weather is bringing an end to most of the hoot owl fishing restrictions in western Montana.

"Temperatures aren't getting as hot in the rivers," said FWP Region 2 fisheries manager Pat Saffel. "That combination of cooler water and not expecting it to get to hot in the future king of allowed us to lift the fishing restrictions on the Blackfoot river and some of the effected tributaries, and then on the Bitterroot River down to Tucker Crossing."

Saffel says some areas will continue to keep their hoot owl restrictions.

"The Upper Clark Fork, the Clark Fork above Rock Creek and above Silver Bow creek," Saffel said. "It is typically warmer there than other waters in the region, so we've decided to hold on to [Hoot Owl restrictions] there."

Saffel says there is no need for anglers to wait until the weekend, the relaxed restrictions are effective immediately.

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