Urban Dictionary is another one of those great inventions that almost always makes you laugh while simultaneously keeping you up-to-date with the latest slang. It's how I discovered what truffle butter is (if you don't know, trust me you don't wanna know) and why people still say 'Bye Felicia' every two seconds.

So what does the trusty UD have to say about Missoula?! Here are just a few descriptions of our fair city:


- "A wonderful city in western Montana where you can get high as a kite for $5, bike like a fucking maniac and go to a killer house party all in one day."

- "More Birkenstocks per capita than any other part of the world."

- "It has two Walmarts."

- "...A town where dogs outnumber people and are allowed to roam freely and defecate freely throughout the city."

- "Don't bother shaving."

- "Lots of hobos that are very fun to have a casual conversation with..."

- "By far the most liberal town in Montana with the most hot people."

- "Sorry guys. I gotta go destroy the toilet. I think I've got a Missoula coming."


- "A pleasantly boring town in western Montana."

- "Oh and, a river runs through it."

Okay at least they're not ALL bad. I mean, at least we're hot! Haha To check out the rest of the Urban Dictionary - Missoula descriptions, click HERE!


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