Ask any metalhead — Randy Blythe is one of the best guttural vocalists on the planet. The Lamb of God / Burn the Priest screamer has a unique take on death metal vocals, constricting his lyrics with a twisted, serpentine style while enunciating very clearly. You may think it took years for Blythe to craft his style, but nope, it all started out as a joke.

“Me being a metal singer is the result of a joke,” Blythe reveals. “I was sitting in a bar with my friends just going [screams] one day … There was some band playing and somebody was like, ‘They’re doing that cookie monster stuff,’ and I’m like, ‘What? Like this? [screams].’ And they’re like, ‘Oh, you can do that?’ and I’m like, ‘Yeah, it’s easy.’”

Blythe continues, “The fact that I started getting known for being able to do that is the result of a joke. I thought it was stupid and funny, and so here I am. Never ever ever ever did I take it seriously … I never ever thought I would be in a heavy metal band either. I thought I was gonna be the south’s version of Johnny Rotten or Iggy Pop.”

Randy has taken steps to improve his range and take care of his vocal cords, but he’s not the type of singer to bark at home during his spare time. “I like quiet,” Blythe says. “I’m not gonna sit around and scream in my room. Someone might knock on the door. ‘Are you killing someone in there?’ That’s moronic, bro. I like to chill.”

Blythe’s newest guttural endeavor will come on May 18, when Burn the Priest unleash their Legion: XX covers album. Filled with punk, hardcore and sludge tracks that influenced the Lamb of God members, the album will feature takes on the Bad Brains, S.O.D., the Melvins and more.

Watch Blythe talk about how he became a guttural vocalist in the clip above.

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