Potholes are ubiquitous in the springtime. The thaw and shift of ice and water can do a real number on asphalt. 

Typically, street crews would have to wait until late spring when Missoula's asphalt plants open to produce asphalt for construction projects. For the past year though, the city of Missoula has been using an asphalt recycler, which has allowed them to turn broken chunks of city streets into new street material all season long as long as the streets don't have to be plowed.

Street superintendent Brian Hensel says the recycler cost around $186,000 and over the past year has saved the city from purchasing around $20,000 worth of asphalt by producing 507 tons of its own.

"We would like to request the public's assistance in finding and identifying the potholes in the city of Missoula," says Hensel. "We will get them as soon as we can when we know about them, usually within 24 hours."

To submit a pothole location in Missoula, simply call 552-6360

Or, follow this link to the city's website and type up the pothole's location.

Brian Hensel:

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