We are quickly sneaking up on one of my favorite food holidays of the year. Saint Patrick's day is almost here, and it is time to start thinking ahead on your dinner plans.

All holidays seem to have a featured food attached to them. Easter has ham. Thanksgiving has turkey. Christmas has prime rib. Independence day has hamburgers and hot dogs. And, St Patty's day has corned beef and cabbage. What is strange is that, for a holiday that celebrates Irish heritage, corned beef and cabbage is not a traditional Irish food. It is actually a combination of Jewish and American cuisine.

According to Wikipedia

In the mid-to-late 19th century, Irish immigrants to the United States began substituting corned beef for bacon when making the dish, thereby creating corned beef and cabbage. Like the original, the dish sometimes includes additional vegetables (especially carrots and potatoes); this also gives it a certain similarity to the New England boiled dinner, which almost invariably contains a mixture of root vegetables along with boiled meat and cabbage.

Regardless, making corned beef is a process that takes some time. So you need to start preparing your St. Patty's day feast a little ahead of time. With the brining process taking a week to complete.

For many Montanans, our freezers typically have a few venison or elk roasts wrapped and waiting. What better way to celebrate the holiday than preparing your own corned beef and cabbage dish....Montana style.

The folks at Field and Stream have a great "how to" video, that shows you how to make this WILD RECIPE.

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