The only thing going through a football players head before going out on the field for the home opener is to "give it your best". For Louisville, Ohio High School players, they spent the majority of their day mourning the loss of a fellow teammate. Some even carried their pals casket earlier that day. But that didnt stop them from taking the field and playing. In a very close game with a Cleveland, Ohio team, the Louisville team scored a game winning TD with 1:15 left on the clock. After the play a handfull of teammates met in the endzone to hug and then pointed to the sky as a tribute to their departed friend. Soon after, the referee threw a flag for "excessive celebration". The penalty set the Cleveland team up for a 29 yard field goal. Giving them the come from behind victory. Lots of the Louisville fans were pissed. As the AP reported, Ohio High School Athletic Association assistant commissioner Henry Zaborniak said that the game officials responsible for the call were actually correct in penalizing the tribute, as it could be considered offensive to the other team without first knowing the context of the gesture.

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