As we already know, I AM A HUNTER. I absolutely adore being outside searching for food to bring home to my son. But it is not just the harvesting an animal that I go for. It is the comradery of friends and the adventure that really fuels my passion. When the season is over, I begin to count the days until it begins again. During that time, I enjoy watching filmed hunts. They not only get me excited to make my own memories in the field, but also teach techniques I can use next time I'm out.

If you like watching filmed hunts, then why not watch them on the big screen? Sportsman's Warehouse has teamed up with the Top Hat to bring you a full night of hunting films. It all happens this Sunday (2/12) starting at 4p.

According to the official event page

The Hunting Film Tour is a world class, evening out, cinematic experience showcasing a two hour, conservation minded Hunting Film Festival. The show reel is composed of 10-12 short films produced by the best producers in the industry. The films vary from 5 to 15 minutes in length and feature bowhunting, rifle hunting, waterfowling, upland wing shooting, Western big game, Alaska, Africa and International adventures. The evening is emceed by the HFT Road Crew and the evening and show reel is featured in two halves split by a short intermission. Prior to the start of the show attendees enter their information on a sweepstakes card dropped in the Yeti Coolers on stage. Pick up your tickets in store.

Check out the trailer from one of last year's featured films

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