I really need to find a picture of me from March of last year and compare it with a current one. We've all joked about the "quarantine 15" over the last fifteen months, but I wonder just how many pounds I've put on since the pandemic started. I can't say I weigh myself often - but I did jump on the scale just for giggles last week and it told me I was the heaviest I've ever weighed - 297 lbs! I guess the good news is I'm not the only person that has seen the scale go up and the exercise regimen get left behind while adapting to a crazy way of life over the last year.

With social distancing and business closures, it feels like our lives turned into a perfect breeding ground for unwanted pounds. Gyms had to shut down, people worked from home in their pajamas and didn't have to leave the couch, everybody was borderline depressed about the overall situation, and ordering curbside pickup became one of our only forms of entertainment. If you haven't exactly been crushing your fitness goals - you're not alone - a survey of 3,000 people by IRunFar.com shows that Montanans have been among the least fit during the pandemic.

I received an email with details of the survey and it said that the CDC recommends a minimum of 150 minutes of physical activity per week. Montanans in the survey worked out for an average of 16 minutes per session. And since there isn't 9+ days in a week - it's safe to say we're not quite hitting that mark of 150 minutes on average. But don't take the results to mean we're lazy bums that don't know the meaning of exercise. Sure, 31 states placed above us.....but we were also better than 17 other states.....so that's something. And since you're wondering - Maine ranked the lowest with an average of 6 minutes per workout session. Why even bother at that point? See the recap of where each state ranked HERE.

I will say my favorite part about the survey is that 2 in 3 Montanans said they would prefer to spend time drinking with friend rather than working out. Hmmm.....that number seems a bit low. Ha!

Alright, any fitness is better than none so let's all get out there and do a little jogging as the first step in getting ourselves back on track.....after we have a beer, of course!

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