Four patties you say? Ok, take my money.

McDonalds unveiled a couple new additions to the Big Mac family. The Little Mac is similar to a cheeseburger but has some shredded lettuce and that Big Mac sauce you love. And the crown jewel of the collection would be the new Double Big Mac. It's pretty much a regular Big Mac with two extra beef patties stacked inside.

I decided to give it a try for lunch today. I was actually surprised at how small it was. The two extra patties didn't do a whole lot to fatten it up. And since the rest of the burger was the same ol' Big Mac toppings - there was nothing to note about any sort of taste difference.

But on the positive side of things I guess it fills you up better than a regular Big Mac.

Overall, just a Big Mac with a little more meat and 720 calories compared to the 540 a regular Big Mac has.

My official review? I give it a "meh." But it's only available for a limited time so you better get on it if you want to try it.

As for lunch tomorrow? I'm looking at you, Triplelupa!

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