Every day in Missoula we seem to lose a bit of our unique city past. From local businesses or even just feeling safe walking in the park. Here is my list of places and things that I wish we could bring back.

Change happens and it's inevitable not only in life but in the city you live in. Take Missoula for example. I moved here out of high school (I'm not going to say when and age myself, but Myspace was a big thing). Since then I've seen so many rad things come and go that made us such a cool place to live. Here is my list of the most missed Missoula commodity.

  • Affordable Rent:  When I first moved to Missoula I lived on the Northside in a 3-bedroom apartment with 3 other roommates. We each paid $150 a month. Not kidding.
  • Budget Tapes & CDs: I must have spent 3-400 dollars a month at this place. I really miss CD shopping and talking rock/metal with the owner and employees. I even miss their store cat/mascot, and I hate cats.
  • Unique Breakfast Joints: Recently the Shack closed its doors. I'm still bummed. Their chorizo omelet was killer. Even further back many of you will remember the Two Sisters restaurant. If there was any place that screamed "Zootown" that was it.
  • The Dollar Theatre: Dude, being poor in your early 20's in Missoula was and is still very common. Coughing up $20 to see a new movie wasn't really an option. Thankfully after the movies ran their course at the big theatres, they would be up for grabs. Right near where Brooks and Reserve met was a cheap movie theatre that would charge a buck. It was awesome.
  • Crazy Mikes: Forget about Blockbuster or even Red Box. In Missoula, we had Crazy Mike. This dude charged nearly nothing for movie rentals and (almost) always forgave your late fees.
  • Bucks Club: Burger and a Beer for a Buck. What else can I say?
  • The Elbow Room: I'm not talking about the monstrosity that was Elbow Room 2.0, I'm talking about the double-wide trailer. You felt like you were going to fall through the men's room floor, they didn't have coolers for the beer, and it was Missoula's favorite dive bar hands down.
  • Being a secret: Missoula has definitely been found out. Remember the days when the river wasn't packed with tourists and transplants during the Summer? Remember when you could enjoy the parks and downtown without seeing campsites every twenty feet or drug needles? Remember not locking your doors? Remember when Fentanyl didn't exist? Ya, I miss that Missoula.

There are plenty more, trust me. I just wanted to take a trip down memory lane and remember what Missoula "was".  What are some old-school things that you miss? Share away!

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