Over the past few weeks, you may have noticed a divide among people not just in our community, but all over the country. The divide between the people who chose to wear masks and the people who dont. It has seemed to create animosity between the 2 camps. One one side, we have the people who feel that wearing a mask will not protect from contracting COVID 19. They also feel that being forced to wear a mask in certain places, is against their civil liberty's. In the other camp, you have the people wearing the masks and even gloves in public to protect themselves and their families from contracting COVID 19. But, the bottom line is, the masks and other PPE are not for your protection. They are to protect other people who are elevated risk of contracting the virus. So to both sides, I say, it isn't about YOU and your health or civil liberty's. It is about the elderly, and at risk kids like the little guy in the following story.

Lucas Pearson, is an 8 month old living in Idaho. Lucas has a cardiovascular anomaly, that makes him high risk for contracting COVID 19. So Lucas' parents have been doing their best to stay in quarantine. They have been ordering most of Lucas' supplies off of Amazon, which means they got frequent visits from delivery drivers. They even posted a letter of THANKS to all the delivery drivers on their front door. Soon after they posted the letter, they captured footage of a driver saying a prayer for Lucas.

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