I am anxiously awaiting fall hunting season here in this beautiful state. I have spent most of my summer scouting and planning hunts all over the state. But, you can never have too man options. I was recently invited to a "Sportsmans Field Day" at a local ranch. The purpose of this "Work Day," was to help the local rancher get some work done around his property, while also earning the landowners trust. By being neighborly and lending a hand, your odds of gaining access to hunting the property can be much higher than waiting til the season has started to begin knocking on doors.

This rancher in particular has had a real problem with elk destroying their property. We witnessed that first hand, as me and plenty of other sportsman did our part to help fix fence, put up hay and clear out shelter belts on the property.

It was great to see how a few hours work can result into an entire season of hunting opportunities. If you are interested in hunting a particular piece of private property, now is he time to go lend a hand, instead op just knocking on doors.