Swedish melodic metal veterans In Flames recently announced their 12th studio album, Battles along with a blistering new song "The End." The week only gets better for the band's faithful as they've released an additional single, "The Truth," which can be heard above.

The three minute cut begins with clapping accenting the beat and a massive choir chanting "We are, we are / We are, we are, we are." A quick and catchy guitar melody breaks away from this refrain as the verse sees a push and pull between chugging rhythms and clean-toned, almost aquatic like tones. The choirs come back into play during the chorus, trading off with vocalist Anders Fridén.

Siren Charms had a very dark vibe to it,” drummer Björn Gelotte told Decibel, explaining the sonic differences between the 2014 record and the new one. “We recorded it at a cold, damp and dark time during the year in Berlin so it gave it a certain melancholy to the record. Now recording in [Los Angeles, Calif.] with the sunshine it’s a different energy. The writing process was different this time, too — that I would like for us to continue to explore. Also, working with Howard [Benson, producer] and his team was great. I got stressed taking a break for even five minutes because they were always ready to go for the next take and kept my energy up.”

Battles will be released on Nov. 11 through Eleven Seven Music. Before the new record drops, In Flames will release the concert DVD Sounds From the Heart of Gothenberg on Sept. 23. The performance was taken from the band's hometown show in November of 2014 and featured a 20 track, career-spanning setlist.

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