As Missoulians either huddle under blankets or frolic in the snow, we thought, as the year comes to a close, that you might enjoy a blast from the past.

The year was 2014, and one of the controversies facing the mayor and the city council was to allow a permit for the ‘Bare as You Dare’ naked bike ride through Missoula. Permission from the mayor's office was granted and intrepid reporters that we are… KGVO was there for the, ahem, unveiling.

Here’s the backside, er, back story.

This was one of the first video reports this radio reporter had attempted, and as I began to roll, I realized that filming from the front could prove to be... less than tasteful, so, I began filming as the bicyclists, in various stages of undress, were headed away from the camera, which proved to be more than enough for our conservative website viewers.

So, sit back and relax with your hot chocolate and views of our winter wonderland and enjoy ‘The Naked Bike Ride of 2014.’

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