As fire season is hopefully nearing an end. We have been no strangers to the devastation a forest fire can bring. From choking on smoke to the falling ash, we have all witnessed an inferno in our past. But, researchers have captured footage of what it is like inside that raging forest fire.

According to NBC 16 in Oregon

Forest fires can reach 2,000 Fahrenheit.

That's about 1/5 the temperature of the surface of the sun.

To investigate, scientists set 2,000 acres of the Fishlake National Forest in Utah on fire this past June.

"More than 40 scientists from multiple agencies participated in the effort, gathering a variety of data on the fire itself and its impacts,” said Pacific Northwest research forester Roger Ottmar, one of the lead scientists for the project. “The data is invaluable to our efforts to predict fire behavior, smoke impacts and the short- and long-term effects of extreme fires.” 

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