It’s one of the most identifiable sounds of summer. But it may also be one of the irritating.

Yes, it’s the ice cream truck. More specifically, it's the ice cream truck's music – an audible warning that chipwiches, sundaes and bomb pops are in the neighborhood, sending kids scurrying into a “Mom, can I have two dollars?” frenzy.

New York City has received more than 1,000 complaints about these trucks already this year, which means I scream, you scream, a whole heck of a lot of people scream "Enough, already!" for ice cream.

Sure, some people equate the classic jingle jangle of the ice cream truck with a time gone by, perhaps a call to youth and lazy summer days when you played from dawn 'til dusk and tried to beat the heat while enjoying a break in the action with a triple scoop of chocolate. Then, there are others who feel the music makes ears bleed and spines shiver along the lines of fingernails on a blackboard, whether it's from the actual tune or the sheer repetition, since it never stops.

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