Whenever I'm feeling a little too happy I check my credit score and remind myself how much money I owe to various credit cards.

A couple weeks ago, as I was holding back tears from my summary of debt, I saw a link to click and possibly claim outstanding money from Florida. Since I lived there for a few years I decided to give it a click out of curiosity.

I followed the link and searched my name. Wait, was that some money that was owed to me? Sure enough, it was. Oh, another one that matched my name! I filed the claim for the two accounts that I was owed money on. Early last week I received an email saying my two claims were accepted and I should see money soon. On Saturday I opened the mailbox and found a check from the great state of Florida for $178.75.  Sweet!

Photo: TSM
Photo: TSM

My sister lives in Washington and told me I should look up her name to see if there was any money owed. I agreed to look, with the plan in hand that I could charge her if I found something. Ha!

I didn't see anything for her, but since I was at the website, I searched for my name and found another claim I could make in my name for an amount between $25 and $50.

It only takes a moment to search your name and see if you can match it to any of your previous addresses where money is owed.

Make a search for unclaimed money in Montana - - - > HERE!  Just click "search for unclaimed cash" under "unclaimed property."

The bummer news for me is there was nothing for me to collect from Montana. But it's worth the minute it takes to check - you might have a little money coming your way that you didn't even know about.

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