Taking a walk down memory lane can be a fun and nostalgic experience. It can remind us of the "good old days" and how much things have changed over time.

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Growing up in Missoula with a sweet tooth, I always gravitated towards sugary snacks. Who remembers penny candy? In some convenience stores, there used to be a giant jar of candy on the counter, each piece costing just a penny. You'd take your haul home in a little brown paper bag. Most of the time, it was filled with Swedish Fish or similar treats. If I had fifty cents, I remember taking forever to meticulously count out all the pennies on the counter. It's hard to imagine that happening today, not only because a penny can't buy much anymore, but also because letting kids reach into a communal candy jar seems like a practice we won't ever see again.

"Nostalgic Snacks"

Recently, Coventry Direct reported on the most popular "nostalgic snacks" in each state. When I saw Montana's winner, I felt a pang – not necessarily of nostalgia, but more of surprise. It didn't seem that nostalgic to me.

Montana's Most Popular "Nostalgic Snack"

According to their report, the ever-popular Go-Gurt is the most popular nostalgic snack in Montana. Interestingly, this popularity extends beyond Montana, with Go-Gurt reigning supreme in Idaho and Washington as well. The study considered snacks deemed "nostalgic" by Delish, Eat That, and Buzzfeed, and then analyzed online search volume for each snack in each state.

Most Popular Nostalgic Snacks in the U.S.
Credit: Coventry Direct
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When I think of "nostalgia", I seem to look back a bit further than a Go-Gurt. I also look at things that you can't get anymore, you can still get them in stores today. I guess that officially makes me a "back in my day" kind of person. Or in other words, I am officially "old".

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