Montana is a wild state. We share the state with all kinds of animals both big and small. Some are nice and won't bother most people, but some will kill you. It is  the reality of living here.

Tourists Visiting Montana Be Aware of the Wildlife

There is story after story of people visiting Montana and having run-ins with our wildlife. There is more than one social media page dedicated to the happenings of tourists in our National Parks that get themselves in trouble. You can check out Touronsofnationalparks on Instagram for more.

This Rattlesnake in Montana is Going Viral

There are a lot of people that use social media and try to push boundaries on what is safe and what isn't. Then there are those that are using social media to warn others about the dangerous animals we have here in Montana. Like this recent post on X from Levi Johnson about a rattlesnake that was found on Galt Ranch located by White Sulphur Springs, Montana. This post is now going viral with almost 20 thousand views.

Before we check out the massive rattlesnake in Montana, here are some amazing pics from animals from all over the world.

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Montana Rattlesnake Going Viral

These are the types of pictures that should be circulated more often about the wildlife we have here in Montana.

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Montana Has Both Rattlesnakes and Bull Snakes

Earlier this past spring there was a debate in Western Montana about a person almost getting bitten by a snake. The debate was whether the snake was a bull snake or a rattlesnake. Montana has both.

Montana Be Safe Out There

As if grizzly bears weren't enough, you can now add "monster-sized" rattlesnakes to the list of animals to be aware of when traveling around Montana.

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