When we heard the news that the Thai restaurant Sa-Wad-Dee was going to close on Broadway in Missoula it was a bummer. We enjoyed their food a lot. Whenever they would be out at downtown Caras Park's "Out To Lunch", they were my go to for a quick and tasty bite to eat. Their "Spicy Chicken Peanut Curry" was my favorite, I like it so much that I bugged them to give the recipe. They never budged.

It Wasn't All Bad News

It wasn't all bad news. Sa-Wad-Dee did announce that they would still be serving up food around Missoula, but they would be doing it in a food truck and not their normal location. Speaking of Missoula's amazing food trucks, there is a place where you can track your favorite food truck's location around town.

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The old location of Sa Wad Dee, 221 West Broadway, is now the location of two businesses that have been familiar to the Missoula area with their food trucks over the years. The Mexican Moose Missoula and Stuffed 406 are now both open under the same roof.

Both Tasty Food Truck's Food is Under One Roof

The Mexican Moose serves delicious tacos, quesadillas, burritos and tortas and has been serving food in their food truck and inside the Dark Horse Bar, at 1805 Regent Street. Stuffed 406 specializes in homemade donuts and brownies that get stuffed with, Montana's Wilcoxson ice cream, or cream cheese frosting, their food truck has been a staple at a lot of different events in Western Montana over the years including the Bitterroot Celtic Games and Gathering. Now you can get a taco, burrito, or stuffed donut all in one location.

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