Missoula has the great distinction of ending up on a lot of lists or being recognized for how awesome it is. Just about any time a town is recognized as being "one of the best for____" Missoula is somewhere on the list.

Just recently Missoula has been recognized for:

It's not all sunshine and daisies, though. Data indicates that Missoula is among several Montana cities that have a high crime rate.

But one aspect of Missoula culture that gets recognized pretty consistently is Missoula's excellent craft brewery scene.

What Makes Missoula a Great City for Beer?

Frankly, it might be the quality alone. Just recently, the North American Brewers Association's International Beer and Cider Awards were dolled out and several of Missoula's breweries made a fine showing. 

Part of it might be the ambiance too. For a long time, the Old Post had a burger and a beer special. With its proximity to the Rattlesnake, hikers and mountain bikers would plan a stop for a pint after a hike or ride. There's also the appeal of a beer at the trailhead, and it somehow tastes better when you know it was brewed locally. There's also just the fact that Montanas like to drink, so naturally a proclivity for brewing would arise. Demand and supply and all that.

TastingTable highlighted Missoula in its list of "26 Cities in the US Every Beer Lover Should Visit" for a quality that most might not think about: the essence of a legacy and history in the beers made in Missoula. In their review, they write:

Have a taste of Bavaria at Bayern Brewing, a one-of-a-kind German microbrewery whose Dragon's Breath Dark Hefeweizen will take you right back to medieval Germany. Sip a flight at Highlander Beer, a historic craft brewery and taproom dating to 1910 with a gorgeous outside area and 12 crafts on tap that you won't want to miss. - tastingtable.com

Legacy, history, tradition--all qualities that make Montanans proud, and I can see how it would make Missoula worthy of a visit for beer aficionados.

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