One thing I'm starting to enjoy about being a DJ is accessing so much information about Missoula and Montana. I'm now the "In case you missed it" person in my circle of friends, but sometimes there are things that I take for granted that other people don't know about.

Case in point: I was at the 4th at the Fort celebration standing in line at the Lemondairy food truck. Confession--I'd never had a Lemondairy and everyone had told me I wasn't a true Missoulian until I had one. Even the man standing in line in front of me said he was only at the event because he knew the Lemondairy truck would be there.

We started talking about food trucks in Missoula and then I said, "We should check the Missoula Food Truck Locator to see if there are other trucks out today."

As if it was choreographed, the man who had showed up for Lemondairy, and another guy in line in front of me said in perfect unison, "There's a Missoula Food Truck Locator?!"

Yes, yes there is.

Food Truck Locator: Missoula

With over 13,000 followers on Instagram and another 2,000 or so on Facebook, you might think that every Missoulian would know about the Food Truck Locator, but it's the sort of gem that deserves to be shouted-out every now and then.

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Say it's lunchtime and you don't know what to eat: pull up the Instagram account and you'll find a map of Missoula with a key showing which food trucks are out and where. Here's an example:

The first slide will show the map and the second shows a key with the business info, location, and the hours the truck is open. They even have posts on weekends showing which trucks will be at the Clark Fork River Market.

Do your food-loving friends a favor and share this with them. Happy nom-nom-ing, Missoula.

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