At a time when commercial real estate options in Missoula are limited, I'm surprised to see several Missoula restaurants that closed, but the locations still appear to be empty.

It's very possible that these locations have been sold or there are plans in the works, for example, maybe there is a new business going in but supply chain issues are holding up a renovation. There could be a dozen possibilities. But based on appearances alone, there are several locations that don't appear to have much activity. If you have updated information about any of these properties feel free to message us on the app. 

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Taco John's

Of course, we were bummed when Taco John's closed, but for a while, it looked like an organization was going to move into the location. The Missoula reported in June of last year that a nonprofit organization focused on resources for youths was set to move in. According to the organization's website, "We are in the process of establishing a safe haven in Missoula County, Montana." A listing on indicates the property is "Off Market."

Blackjack Pizza

Almost two years ago to the day, Blackjack Pizza closed its location at 2401 Brooks Street. Interestingly, their last day was "Pi Day" so hopefully you got a slice before they closed. A listing on says the property is "Off Market."

Triple Dragon

If you remember this restaurant, they had really good Chinese food, but it's now been closed for quite some time. That of course has led to speculation on Reddit about why the space is empty or if it's empty at all.

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The Shack

A longtime Missoula favorite, The Shack closed last February. I miss this one dearly as it was where my husband and I had breakfast on our wedding day. A listing on says the property is "Off Market."

Staggering Ox

If you visit the Staggering Ox website you'll see a message that says "We are sorry to say our Missoula Ox store has closed. It's been a great ride, and we will miss all of you greatly. Go forth and prosper...COVID be damned."


We just found out that there will be a new restaurant going into the old Denny's location. You can find out more about there here.

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