Summer means that wedding season is underway. The planning has been completed and now it is the time for the lucky couples to say their "I dos". Montana has some pretty spectacular places for couples to exchange their vows.

A lake, mountain or ranch can be a great backdrop for a celebration of a newly-married couple. I have had the pleasure of attending several weddings across the state and there have been some memorable locations. Fort Benton, Holland Lake, The Double Arrow Resort and Seeley Lake, all stand out as locations that I have experienced some pretty special weddings.

Montana Is In the Top Five for Best Places for a Wedding

If you are thinking that there are more weddings happening these days, in Montana, you may be right. Montana is one of the best states for weddings, at least according to Glamira and reported by Travel and Leisure. The best state for a wedding, according to them is Vermont, followed by Rhode Island and then Montana coming in at number three.

The rankings looked at five categories:

  • Number of fine jewelry and bridal stores
  • Entertainment and nightlife venues
  • Venues and romantic hotels
  • Wedding expenses
  • Number of wedding planning services

Montana is More Affordable Than Others

Montana is one of the affordable states, according to the report. When it comes to engagement rings they reported that, "In 2023, for example, the average spending on engagement rings in Montana was $21,905, which is $4,730 below the national average in America".

Rounding out the top five states are Maine and New Hampshire. Montana is the only state in the West to make the top 10.

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