We posted a poll a week or two ago and just reviewed the results. Hundreds of responses rolled in and we have to admit, we were surprised. 

Here's how the poll came about. 

We had the story about a western Montana Hot Springs hosting clothing-optional nights. This practice has been happening for a while. When we shared this news, we were curious how popular the events would be and whether or not Montanans like to go skinny dipping. 

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When we talked about it amongst ourselves several of my colleagues said they weren't really into it, or they tried skinny dipping when they were younger, but aren’t interested in doing it now. This gave me the impression skinny dipping is not very popular among Montanans. Wrong. 

In our poll, we asked: Do you like to go skinny dipping? 

Then we gave four responses:  

  • Yes, it's fun!  
  • Don't care. 
  • Nope, not for me.  
  •  I don't know. I've never tried. 

Again, we received hundreds of responses, and to our surprise, Montanans overwhelmingly like skinny dipping!  

Poll results with percentages

Almost 70% of respondents say they like skinny dipping, while 23% either don't like it or don't care. Only 8% of respondents had never tried skinny dipping before.   

This begs the question, why aren’t there more nude opportunities in Montana? There are some. We pointed out the nude beach and that Montana doesn’t necessarily have strict rules about being naked.  

Maybe we don't need designated nude places because opportunities present themselves. There are so many remote places with creeks, rivers, ponds, and lakes in Montana. But if a Montana goes skinny dipping and there’s nobody to see it, were you really free for all to see?  

If you missed the poll the first time, here it is again.  

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