A Missoula business, previously located next to Free Cycles on S. 1st Street West, is expanding to a new location on Broadway in downtown Missoula.

Sacred Ally is a healing and empowerment art space that specializes in creating intentional and sacred spaces both for individual wellness and community connection. We had the opportunity to speak with co-founder Sarah Schaefgen about the move, the business, and their grand opening event on July 13.

Moving to Downtown Missoula

Sacred Ally's new location will be at 130 E Broadway Street and offers more space for the staff of approximately 15 people. The new space includes three practitioner rooms for individual sessions of massage, Reiki, energy work, shamanic modalities, acupuncture, and craniosacral therapy. There is also community space available for events, classes, and workshops, and a retail space where they will sell things like:

  • sound healing instruments
  • organic cotton clothing
  • smudge kits
  • essential oil sprays

Among their offerings, Sacred Ally will also have a Cacao Bar, which Schaefgen said is the first of its kind in the state.

"We are serving ceremonial grade (cacao), which essentially means that it comes from a lineage. The seeds are passed down from generation to generation and all of the energy that goes into the cultivating, the growing, the tending to the harvesting, even to the packaging and sending into containers like ours--they're all done with intention. So the frequency and vibration of the cacao is very high."  

The cacao will come from Peru, Guatemala, and Columbia and tea will be served from Lake Missoula Tea Company. Part of Sacred Ally's mission is sustainability and integrity, Schaefgen said, and so looking for vendors that are sustainable and working with small farms is part of that mission.

Sacred Ally's Collaboration Model

With a community space, some may wonder about the opportunity to rent it for events and Schaefgen says no, but they do offer a "collaboration model."

Shop window with sign
Ashley, Townsquare Media

"They bring the offering and we provide the space," Schaefgen said. "We provide all of the marketing, the ticket sales, the payment processing. We put it in our newsletter website and all that kind of stuff. We do all the back end nitty gritty stuff that most people don't like to." 

The Grand Opening and What It's Like for 'First-Timers'

Sacred Ally is also an inclusive business that welcomes people from "all walks of life."

"We get people all the time and they're like, 'I'm so nervous. This is totally out of my comfort zone. I've never done anything like this,' and everyone always leaves being like, 'Oh my gosh, I feel so held, so connected. So seen.' " Schaefgen said. 

If you're interested in learning more about Sacred Ally their grand opening is on Saturday, July 13, 2024, from 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm at their new location on Broadway.

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