Dear tourists visiting Montana,

I hope you're having a great trip here in the Treasure State. There's so much to do here, such as hiking, golfing, rafting and you name it. If there's an outdoor activity, we can do it here and maybe better than anywhere else. But there's one activity you definitely shouldn't do on your visit— bother Montana wildlife.

In the year 2023, after so many tourists have been humiliated online after being caught on camera being charged by a large animal, I'd expect everyone to know to stay a safe distance away from potentially dangerous creatures. That's not the case, however. Just two days ago another pair of tourists were filmed getting way too close to some bison at Yellowstone National park according to the caption in the video below, released by NBC Montana:

Sure, that time the tourists got off lucky but don't be so sure that you'll have that same experience if you try something similar. Chances are your contact with a wild animal will look more like the video below:

Do you want to be filmed getting rag dolled by a buffalo and losing your pants? If your answer to that question is "yes" seek help from mental-health expert immediately. If you'd rather not have that happen to you, accept that the outdoors of Montana is not your petting zoo.

If you're having trouble thinking of what to do instead, last month I wrote a list of 7 things to do instead of bothering a moose in Montana with some great options.


Christian Grant

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