Yellowstone is back in Missoula to film Season 5, and they've already been spotted around town - I saw them recently, filming off Howard Raser Drive. The call for local extras has been out there for a while, and we keep finding out about more and more spots where they plan to do some filming.

And now, we've got word about a repeat Yellowstone filming site - the show used this Missoula location when it came here to shoot Season 4, and now they're coming back to it.

Yellowstone is Set to Film Around the Missoula County Courthouse

You may recall that Yellowstone did some filming at the Missoula County Courthouse when they were here last season - and now, they're getting ready to do it again.

That info comes from a press release sent by Missoula County that informed us that, due to the hit TV series filming around the courthouse, certain roads will be closed for a couple of days next week.

Specifically - on May 31st, the area of Ryman Street between Broadway and Pine will be closed to all traffic, and on June 1st, those blocks of Ryman and Woody will be closed. There will be detours clearly marked, and the county insists that the public will still have access to use the courthouse.

However, they are urging people to use some of their online services if appropriate - services such as paying property taxes or renewing vehicle registration are available online, and the less activity there is at the actual courthouse, the easier it will be on those that need it.

If you are headed to the courthouse, give yourself a little extra time to find parking - with the road closures, it's going to make it even more difficult to find a spot.

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